May 9, 2009

On My Needles Now and Soon To Be's

A practice scarf to get a feel for a hand dyed yarn. The yarn is from a ripped, used sweater, wool, that was then hand painted. I found it on Etsy and liked the colours and the price to get a feel for working this type of yarn. This is an easy k1p1 rib scarf, a project that travels well.

I have a couple of projects lying in wait. One is a Miss Priss Play Dress, and the other is a Wallaby sweater, both for Gwen, my nearly 3 year old grand girl. I will of course make a Wallaby for Lillian too, my 4 month old grand girl.

And I want to learn to knit socks.

And feathery lace scarves too.

Time to take it to the next level.

Knitting Lesson

I found a local yarn store that gives 30 minute knitting lessons, whether one wants to learn the basic stitches or to focus on a particular technique or problem area. Just the thing for me. I will book a half hour to get some help with the shawl I have started knitting and decided to rip. I've not done lace work before and want to get it right. I ended up short 2 stitches at some point... sheesh.

Lillian Asleep

Our little angel. Here at three and a half months old. She now smiles and giggles and makes wonderful cooing sounds and she reaches to grasp things. I love being her grandma.

May 5, 2009

Word Clouds

Interesting webpage called WORDLE.

Allows you to type in a series of related or unrelated words and transforms them into a 'word cloud', or world clusters, which appear poster like. You have the choice of font, colour, layout (horizontal, vertical, half vertical/half horizontal, etc.). Or you can select 'randonmize' and a scheme of font, colour and layout appears. Continue to click on 'randomize' until you find a combination that suits you. To enlarge or emphasize some words type them in multiple times. The more times a word is typed the larger it will appear in the word cloud.

Was fun to play with and try out. Now I need to figure out how to transfer my word cloud to my blog. I would like to use it as part of my heading. The only way to locate on blog so far is to copy the code into a suitable gadget where it will appear in the side column. I've added a few examples of my Knitting Word Clouds. The result of clicking to enlarge the word cloud brings one to the Wordle webpage.

May 1, 2009

Problem with flickr

I added the flickr box to my blog to display my flickr photos. I notice that my flickr photos do not display properly and clicking on the photos in the box does not zoom them. On my flickr account I can only look at my photos in a 'slideshow' and they do not show as individual photos in a 'photostream'. So, sorry my photos aren't available for you all to see just yet... I am still working on it. I'm a bit flustered with this now so I'll come back to it later. ; ) Maybe having opted to look at my photos in the slideshow mode commits them to the slideshow in perpetuity. Haven't found how to get back to the photostream. Yet. ;) Or maybe I neglected to visit/use my flickr account for too long a period of time and that affected the use of my photos? My content is still there so should be accessible in photostream... later.

Cheers! : )

Apr 1, 2009


Just passing through to say 'Hi!' and that my blog is still active even though I have not been active blogging lately. Husband and grown son are off to Indonesia for a month plus, leaving early, early Friday morning, Apr 3, and have been getting things done in preparation for their time away. And babysitting, which seems to require a day or two to rest up afterwards unfortunately, anyone else have that problem?, and outdoor work with the arrival of spring... I'll be on board soon and share about my weekly Stitch and Bitch that is just getting off the ground...

Later... :D

Mar 7, 2009

KnitWiki - Knitting Website

Look at what I came across in my seemingly endless search for the 'just right' shawl pattern.

Wikipedia for knitter's! KnitWiki.

Have a peek.