May 31, 2008

CO 57 Stitches Again...

Made my second attempt with the Eyelet Preemie Hat last night, casting on, ribbing, eyelet row, and 3/4" of stocking stitch. I have the decreases and finishing off left to do.

Whilst I had some difficulty with the cast on with the first hat, having to do it over several times, this time I got it on the first cast on. And then knit straight through to the end of St st smoothly. Learning how to handling this yarn.

Second time's a charm! : )

May 29, 2008

Preemie hat is finished, except for the ribbon that will be laced through the eyelets. Need to go buy some ribbon.

It's a quick and easy project for starters. I did my first increases, decreases and yarn overs in years. Need more practice to develop muscle memory, but these stitches are not difficult.

I prefer working with a heavier weight yarn, and a natural one. This Paton's Beehive Baby Sport yarn has a nice sheen, and the Vintage Lace colour is subtle, but... casting on was a bugger! Had to undo and re-cast several time to get an even cast-0n row. And the yarn plies split easily when working it. Once the cast-on row and the next two rows are on the needle the yarn works well enough.

There, I got photos up on my blog! : ) And it was interesting trying to work out how to get decent shots. When it comes down to it, you gotta just click and upload. Fussing about takes up too much time!
This is 'sans' ribbon laced through the eyelets. This hat is so tiny!

PROJECT 1: More Pics of Preemie Hat 3

Mastering getting photos uploaded to blog. : )

PROJECT 1: More Pics of Preemie Hat

Top view. Decreases don't line up. Oops! :-)

PROJECT 1: More Pics of Preemie Hat

The decrease line does not match up. I really like the look of the spiral lines of the decreases at the top of a knit hat.

PROJECT 1: More Pics of Preemie Hat

The eyelets show well here. Easy to make up! Encouraging for the lacy work I want to do down the road.

May 28, 2008

Two Years Old Already!

My little grandgirl is two years old today. Already!

She talks up a storm, and is in constant movement, exploring everything in sight. She is bright and beautiful. A pure joy to her Grandma! She gets up in the morning so full of life and joy that she hops, hops, hops all the way to the breakfast table, singing out, "JUMPING, JUMPING, JUMPING"! LOL And this is as I hobble along behind her, trying to rub the sleep from my eyes. We had an overnightter last Sunday and Grandma had as much fun babysitting Gwen as Gwen had hanging out with Grandma.

What a treasure.

So, here's a loving "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", Gwen, my beautiful two year old grandgirl.

And yes... I am getting to those lovely knitting projects I'll be knitting up for you. And for your little sibling and little cousin, too, both of whom are expected by the end of this year. I've definitely got my knit work cut out for me.

Tinkering With the Bloggie Thing

Well that just ate up a lot of time!

Tinkering with my blog, trying to get to how I want it to look and all. Doesn't leave so much time for knitting today. Getting the bugs worked out. Some bugs don't want to get worked out, so I'm leaving them! lol

Stopping with the bloggie thingie for now and off to work on my preemie hat. Yesterday, dropped a stitch, lost a bunch of stitches, so frogged it and today will cast on all over again. 57 stiches, here I come! ;)

Good Blogging Day Yesterday

Good start. Learned how to add content and customize my blog. It's shaping up!

Next, I'll add some photos...

May 27, 2008

And What's on Your Needles Today?

And if you care to share... what's clicking on your needles today?

On My Needles Today...

A simple preemie hat (one expected grandbaby may arrive before due date).

I am collecting lots of fun hat patterns in all sizes. Starting with the smallest first to refresh my skill at knitting up hats. Look forward to having on my needles hats of all sorts: fun styles, shapes, colours and patterns in sizes infant to adult!

Infant and toddler items are high and first on my list of projects, for sure, but I am eager to knit up socks, mittens, scarves, shawls, sweaters, throws and afghans too.

Would love to hear about your beginnings as a knitter...

My Beginning Blogging

Blogging my beginning... Here I will follow my progress in becoming a knitter... an experience knitter. I did knit up baby hats, sweaters, and blankies when my kids were wee. Now that are grown I will knit up for their wee ones.

And I will knit for the love of the craft.

I've recently finished off a practice scarf that went well. Was wonderful to return to the relaxing rhythm of the working needles and feeling the resulting knitted fabric increasing on my lap.

That's it, the awful beginning is over! My blogging feet are wet now and so... on to knitting!