May 28, 2008

Two Years Old Already!

My little grandgirl is two years old today. Already!

She talks up a storm, and is in constant movement, exploring everything in sight. She is bright and beautiful. A pure joy to her Grandma! She gets up in the morning so full of life and joy that she hops, hops, hops all the way to the breakfast table, singing out, "JUMPING, JUMPING, JUMPING"! LOL And this is as I hobble along behind her, trying to rub the sleep from my eyes. We had an overnightter last Sunday and Grandma had as much fun babysitting Gwen as Gwen had hanging out with Grandma.

What a treasure.

So, here's a loving "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", Gwen, my beautiful two year old grandgirl.

And yes... I am getting to those lovely knitting projects I'll be knitting up for you. And for your little sibling and little cousin, too, both of whom are expected by the end of this year. I've definitely got my knit work cut out for me.

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