Jun 12, 2008

ROYAL BRAND BALL WINDER: Eventually I'll want one of those gorgeous natural wood ones.

These 2 first balls of yarn were my first try at using the Royal ball winder. I couldn't get the yarn to pull from the center of the ball so I tried them on the winder. It's a bit difficult to manage the yarn skein when winding it onto the ball winder, as the skein rolls and topples etc. Needed to unravel long strands by hand then wound these onto the winder. The effort is worth it. I have 2 great center pulling balls of yarn now which are a joy to knit with.

This is an acrylic yarn for knitting small practice projects... an infant hat, a toddler scarf, etc, while I wait for ordered yarn to come in so that I can get started on a few planned projects... baby sweaters and hats. This yarn works up nicely, though. I like this colourway.

LOVE the 'yarn cakes' the Royal wound up for me.

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