Jun 1, 2008

Look What Came In The Mail on Friday, May 30th!

My BEKA yarn swift (skeiner) and a ROYAL yarn ball winder are here! I figured I needed them after the time I got myself into an intricate tangle when unwinding a skein of yarn. Live and learn, eh...

The BEKA swift is simply designed and is quick and easy to assemble. Quick and easy in theory... When I screwed the center pillar onto the base of my swift, it leaned very much like the leaning tower of Pisa! Thanks to my hubby's handy work, the problem got straightened out. I can't say if this is a common problem with the BEKA swift.

The instructions say that it does not require clamping to a table, so may be used anywhere. Note, however, that the ROYAL ball winder does clamp to a table, so the 'anywhere' is limited.

I haven't tried out the ROYAL yarn ball winder yet.

The BEKA swift comes with easy to assemble parts. The base comes already assembled.
Here it is face down. There are ball bearings between the metal layers on the underside which allow it to spin smoothly.

It has visually interesting geometrics. Pleasant to look at.

This photo shows the small rubber feet that are glued on to the bottom of each leg of the base, one inch from the end.

Next the two long bars are fitted together and placed on the base face up.

Then the center pillar is screw through the openings of the two long bars all the way through to the base and tightened.

Here the two long bars and the center pillar are secured onto the base.

This photo takes a peek between the two metal layers of the underside of the base, showing the ball bearings that allow the swift to spin smoothly.

Next, the two short bars are joined together and placed at the top of the center pillar of the swift.

Then the metal ring (washer) and wooden knob are screwed into place atop the swift and tightened.

Lastly, each of the four dowels are placed into position, with one end placed in the hole at the end of the long bar (bottom cross piece) and sliding the other end into a notch in the corresponding short bar (top cross piece).

This swift can accommodate a range of yarn and skein sizes. The yarn is placed over the top of the swift, allowing it to settle into place. For very small skeins, one dowel can be removed so the yarn may be draped onto the swift without stretching it.

It really does spin very smoothly and fast. I haven't had time to wind a ball of yarn from the swift onto the ROYAL ball winder, yet.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: (from the instruction sheet included with the skein)

Untie and remove threads holding the skein of yarn together, so you can unwind yarn smoothly into a ball. Position the yarn so and "end" is on the outside, grasping and rolling the skein as needed to "wind off" from the outside of the skein. If your skein begins to slide during use, your yarn probably needs to be re-oriented to avoid tangles. (Hmm, those dreaded yarn tangles again.)

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  1. Love the step-by-step pics! I've found that the actual yarn and needle costs pale besides those for the accompanying equipment