Jan 29, 2009

So Much Snow Out There

It's been snowing... and snowing... and snowng... in my backyard.
The harsh cold has let up some which make this snowy winter wonderland all the more magical.

Snow piling on, leaving everything blanketed in white fluff. Peaceful...

My best pal, Daisy, dashes out to check things out as I go out to collect the mail. She's a sweetie. ( An Australian Kelpie from the dog pound). Bringing her home with me 9 years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Snow flurrying, visibility reduced, cosy inside, hot tea in hand.

I love the winter and snow and yes even the cold, when I don't have to be out too long in it. ;)

Jan 25, 2009

A Little Progress on the Sweet Pea Sacque

Back panel with flaps complete. Front view.

Back view.

Don't know where the time goes... but am making some progress on Lillian's Sweet Pea sacque.

Bound off the back neck nice and loosely. Pleased with that. Worked the shoulder flaps today. Went nicely.

Feeling my way through things I've not done before. Had to take apart a small section to make a correction while shaping the left shoulder flap.

This pattern calls for a decrease of *purl 2 together, purl 1, BO 1 purlwise, at the end of a knit row. Not seen this before. Was a bit unsure, but plowed ahead and will see the result when the garment is finished.

I like the decreasing and shaping; keeps the project interesting and fun.

This Sweet Pea sacque is all white, and so I'm thinking about how I might dress it up a bit. Maybe I'll find some pretty pink buttons to sew on the front, or maybe a few tiny pompom buttons. Or maybe a blanket stitch around the edges in pink...

Hope to get the front panel done tonight. We'll see. :D Pleased how this project is going. Just wish I would make more time to work on it.

Jan 22, 2009

Tweaking my Blog

Been tweaking my blog and exploring about how to... It can eat up a lot of time.

Visited other blogs today. Babylonglegs at http://babylonglegs.blogspot.com/ new post invites a small competition of guessing how many skeins of yarn in the 'yarn mountain' she has assembled on her kitchen table. A prize of yarn goes to the winner. Babylonglegs is in the UK. Fun contest, but cost of shipping could be dampening.

My tai' chi class last night was frightful. Started with the September session last Fall, was off during the Christmas break, and then missed a class of the new winter session and, and... half way through the form I was lost! lol What an awful feeling. I recovered well by the end of the class with a careful review of all we have learned thus far. Phew! Recovered my dignity. ;) Tai' Chi is calming and surprisingly gives a good, yet gentle, workout. Taking the class was recommended to me by my family physician. I have adrenal fatigue syndrome and this gentle exercise strengthens and relaxes at the same time, and is about what I can handle just now, that and walking. My daughter is taking the class with me, and with her dance background learning the tai' chi moves comes easily to her. I will be meeting with her later today to practice.

Is it already lunch time! :0 Where did the time go!? lol

Jan 20, 2009


First project knitting in the round. Is interesting and fun after the initial getting use to it period of not switching back and forth on two needles.

This infant sacque was to be a summer practice project leading up to more colourful pieces, as I gained in knitting skills, in anticipation of the births of two grandkids, one in December '08, the second in January '09. I had planned a number of fun knitting projects for these precious grandkids. It's been a long journey since last summer. My daughter lost her baby on Sept. 3, and for tending to that sad event, well knitting took a back seat of things to do. And now, I feel I am in a rush to finish the sacque for little Lillian, who was born on Jan. 11, '09... before she outgrows it! ;) A good friend, Maple, who is not inexperienced in life's troubles and hardships, says, despite all the hardships, "Life is good.", and I think that says it all.

Jan 16, 2009

Blessed Day, Blessed Babe!

New, little grandgirl snuggled in my arms! Is there a greater joy? Introducing the newest addition to our family, our little Lilly (short for Lillian), born January 11, 2009, a healthy 8lbs 8oz. She has unbearably cute chubby cheeks that make me chuckle. I've been rushed off my feet the past few days and will be back soon with more 'proud granny' photos. ;)

Jan 5, 2009

All's Well that Begins Well!

My new year begins with the excited anticipation of a new addition to our family. My second grandchild is due... well, his or her due date is today actually, January 5, 2009! Mom is looking very pregnant and is ready to greet her new baby, at this point sooner rather than later is preferred ; ), and 'big sister', two and a half year old Gwen is trying to figure out what Mommy really means when she says she will be bringing home a baby sister or brother very soon. I'm sure the reality will surpass her wildest imaginings! It will be a wonderful experience helping little Gwen welcome her new sibling, supporting Mom transition to Mother of Two, and of course welcoming the newbie baby into our family. What a wonderful way to begin this New Year!

Wishing all a Happy New Year!