Jan 25, 2009

A Little Progress on the Sweet Pea Sacque

Back panel with flaps complete. Front view.

Back view.

Don't know where the time goes... but am making some progress on Lillian's Sweet Pea sacque.

Bound off the back neck nice and loosely. Pleased with that. Worked the shoulder flaps today. Went nicely.

Feeling my way through things I've not done before. Had to take apart a small section to make a correction while shaping the left shoulder flap.

This pattern calls for a decrease of *purl 2 together, purl 1, BO 1 purlwise, at the end of a knit row. Not seen this before. Was a bit unsure, but plowed ahead and will see the result when the garment is finished.

I like the decreasing and shaping; keeps the project interesting and fun.

This Sweet Pea sacque is all white, and so I'm thinking about how I might dress it up a bit. Maybe I'll find some pretty pink buttons to sew on the front, or maybe a few tiny pompom buttons. Or maybe a blanket stitch around the edges in pink...

Hope to get the front panel done tonight. We'll see. :D Pleased how this project is going. Just wish I would make more time to work on it.


  1. Sounds like its coming along great, love to see pics!

  2. Margaret, your sacquet is going to be darling. Pretty hard to knit if you are busy being a granny.