Jan 29, 2009

So Much Snow Out There

It's been snowing... and snowing... and snowng... in my backyard.
The harsh cold has let up some which make this snowy winter wonderland all the more magical.

Snow piling on, leaving everything blanketed in white fluff. Peaceful...

My best pal, Daisy, dashes out to check things out as I go out to collect the mail. She's a sweetie. ( An Australian Kelpie from the dog pound). Bringing her home with me 9 years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Snow flurrying, visibility reduced, cosy inside, hot tea in hand.

I love the winter and snow and yes even the cold, when I don't have to be out too long in it. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Its snowing here too........but nowhere NEAR as much as that!!!

    Oh you must try dyeing in a crock pot/slow cooker.....its so much fun!!!
    Soak the yarn in a solution of vinigar/citric acid in the crock, then after about an hour, add your dyes, poke the yarn a bit to get some decent absorbtion (is that a word?) and then turn the crock on high for 2 hours......
    After 2 hours check the dyebath has exhausted by dipping some white tissue in it. If it hasn't fully exhausted, take out the yarn, add more citric acid to the dyebath and then put the yarn back in for another half an hour or so :)
    Et volia.......
    I can do 300g of DK in my 6.5 litre one...

    Have fun!!!

    S xXx