Feb 16, 2009

Too Much of Winter

You know winter has dragged on too long when....

Feb 9, 2009

Great Magazine: Cook's Illustrated!

My copy of 'Cook's Illustrated' magazine arrived in the mail today. Hurray!

My grown son, Sean, introduced me to the magazine. He loves to cook and to learn about cooking, and gifted me with this magazine at Christmastime. Cook's Illustrated, in addition to offering recipes, provides good information and tips on cooking technique, and 'best methods'. With their 'test kitchen' recipes, often old favorites, are tested and tried until the best version is arrived at, and often improved upon. The magazine also contains equipment reviews, reports on bests, and best buys of cookware, utensils, etc. A beautiful magazine packed full of great information. There is a sister publication 'Cook's Country' which is heavier on recipes, and has a regular TV program on PBS. http://www.cookscountrytv.com/

Now, I'm off to read about vanilla, pure or imitation, (I like pure) and the brands that are recommended. And, 'Keeping Kitchen Staples Fresher Longer'. Fun article! :) Hmm, 'Emergency Chocolate Cake'! Good recipe to have on hand. May post that one up on my fridge!

Feb 5, 2009

Bootie Pics ; )

Booties for Lillian. Used self-striping yarn, Bernat Jacquard - Colourway: Berries and Cream.

Knit booties overlaying my every handy "The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques" by Nancie Wiseman.

Knit up back and forth on a circular needle. Simple, quick and cute.

Day of Collection: A Minor Gripe

Every few months my Doc has me collect lots of bodily fluids for her to test. I have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome which makes me feel very tired, achy, and so on, quite a long list of unpleasant things actually. So, I'm doing my 24 hr pee collection today; in addition to saliva collection, 5 tubes, starts with 8am, then 12pm, 4pm, 8pm and the last should be between 10pm - 3am. This last one is to pick up on what imbalance is contributing to my regular waking during the night, one symptom of AFS. It takes about a half hour to collect each tube. The point of these tests is to identify hormonal and other biochemical imbalances, hormonal includes stress hormones, etc. Quite complex. I've been in treatment for about a year now and though progress has been gradual, I am pleased thus far. I'm still not home yet. I remain hopeful. I am grateful to have found my family physician who understands and knows how to treat this syndrome. I thought it just felt this bad to be getting older, lol, and was so glad to learn that there was something making me feel so awful and most importantly something I can do to get better.

Minor gripe: My day is regulated by the requirements of these test... but writing here I see that I feel mostly grateful for the chance they offer to get well again. So, a very minor grip indeed. :)

The tests are done through this company (at a cost - we don't get coverage for them through our provincial medical plan here in Ontario, unfortunately).


The regime of hormones, medications and supplements that I follow, includes lifestyle management, like diet, exercise and emphatically - stress reduction (thus the Tai chi and meditation). In addition to treating the AFS, my Doc refers to this as an 'anti-aging' program. I like that. ; ) The goal is to return our body chemistry to levels similar to that of a 40 year old. (whatever that means :)

I recently found a book on Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. If you are painfully tired all the time, and have been for a long time, and nothing seems to help, you may want to look into this. If it seems to fit, talk to your Doc. I figure that if I gotta suffer, then I'll take it as I must, but I don't see any virtue in suffering unnecessarily. There is relief from this condition. It is becoming more prevalent in our fast paced, stress laden life lifestyles.


Feb 1, 2009

Wee Booties for Lilly

Easy Baby Booties by Michelle . Pattern from Ooo Baby Knits .

(I'll photograph and post the other pair of booties in a day or so. )

Back and sole seams still need to be done. Cute. :)

Colour is bright and cheerful to work with. My decreases are not right. Pattern calls for K13, K2tog, K3, then SSK, K to end of row. Purlwise: P12, P2tog, P3, P2tog, P to end of row, and so on. I think both sides are supposed to look the same, but do not. Also, I miscounted my stitches in one or two rows and so the line of decreases on the right is staggered. The 2nd bootie was better, but the decreases - not so much.

Worked back and forth on my circular needles. These are Addi's and work very smoothly. The yarn has a tendency to slide off the needle at times. I think a bamboo needle would have a bit more traction and hold the yarn a bit better.

is Bernat Baby Jacquards (Acrylic)
Colourway: Berries and Cream
Needles: # 8 and #6 (US)
Worsted weight.
This yarn knits up very nicely. Does not split and snag. Should wear well.

Free pattern available here:

Flickr Badge Frustration

I've been trying for way too long to put a Flickr badge on my eBlog. I'm supposed to copy the code from the Flickr site and paste 'anywhere on my website', but it doesn't paste. I've looked on Flickr Help and got no satisfaction.

I'll work on it again tomorrow.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.