Feb 9, 2009

Great Magazine: Cook's Illustrated!

My copy of 'Cook's Illustrated' magazine arrived in the mail today. Hurray!

My grown son, Sean, introduced me to the magazine. He loves to cook and to learn about cooking, and gifted me with this magazine at Christmastime. Cook's Illustrated, in addition to offering recipes, provides good information and tips on cooking technique, and 'best methods'. With their 'test kitchen' recipes, often old favorites, are tested and tried until the best version is arrived at, and often improved upon. The magazine also contains equipment reviews, reports on bests, and best buys of cookware, utensils, etc. A beautiful magazine packed full of great information. There is a sister publication 'Cook's Country' which is heavier on recipes, and has a regular TV program on PBS. http://www.cookscountrytv.com/

Now, I'm off to read about vanilla, pure or imitation, (I like pure) and the brands that are recommended. And, 'Keeping Kitchen Staples Fresher Longer'. Fun article! :) Hmm, 'Emergency Chocolate Cake'! Good recipe to have on hand. May post that one up on my fridge!


  1. That emergency choc cake sounds like a great idea! Thank you for visiting my blog. Passed your comments to Erika & she sends her thanks..Evie is just so sweet, thanks for visiting!

  2. hey wow, gotta love the 'best methods' from Cook's Illustrated!!! Thanks for follwing my blog, can't wait to hear more about your knitting and what's cooking, too! Those food pics in your Flickr slideshow are taunting me!!!