Feb 1, 2009

Wee Booties for Lilly

Easy Baby Booties by Michelle . Pattern from Ooo Baby Knits .

(I'll photograph and post the other pair of booties in a day or so. )

Back and sole seams still need to be done. Cute. :)

Colour is bright and cheerful to work with. My decreases are not right. Pattern calls for K13, K2tog, K3, then SSK, K to end of row. Purlwise: P12, P2tog, P3, P2tog, P to end of row, and so on. I think both sides are supposed to look the same, but do not. Also, I miscounted my stitches in one or two rows and so the line of decreases on the right is staggered. The 2nd bootie was better, but the decreases - not so much.

Worked back and forth on my circular needles. These are Addi's and work very smoothly. The yarn has a tendency to slide off the needle at times. I think a bamboo needle would have a bit more traction and hold the yarn a bit better.

is Bernat Baby Jacquards (Acrylic)
Colourway: Berries and Cream
Needles: # 8 and #6 (US)
Worsted weight.
This yarn knits up very nicely. Does not split and snag. Should wear well.

Free pattern available here:

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  1. Thanks for the pattern location. I was just looking for a bootie pattern.