Mar 4, 2009

Babysitting: Treasured Time

Babysitting my two and a half year old grandgirl is always a special pleasure. She is bright and beautiful and so very active, curious and engaged fully in learning all about the world. She has such fresh eyes and such wonder in all things. Such a gift. Time with her is treasured time.

To the right in the photo is my grandma basket used to carry my grandma tools (aka toys ;) that I bring with me when I babysit Gwen.


  1. She's precious! It looks like she's enjoying the toys from Grandma's basket very much! That's a great idea! I bet she looks forward to seeing what's inside and playing. You're building wonderful memories together. :-)

  2. Yes, she loves checking to see what her grandma (Emak) has brought 'today'. "(E)maaa(k)(silent)... what you bwing in your batsket?"

    I find having lots of constructive activities available keeps little ones occupied and out of trouble. ;) The couple of times that I forgot the basket at home in my entrance in my hurry to leave was met with disappointment, though. lol