Mar 2, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Last post was all the way back to Feb. 16. Where have I been?

Been busy. The fun kind of busy. Decluttering and cleaning house. It feels like spring, though the frigid winter air challenges that notion, but the bright, warm sun shining throughout the house makes me want to spring clean. I've accumulated a lot of clutter and I must admit that with having been ill for so long (adrenal fatigue syn.) that some areas of my home have been neglected. Okay, that may be a bit of an understatement, lol, but things are in hand and decluttering and cleaning are happening and it might be spring soon. So I've been 'spring cleaning'.

And babysitting. Love time with my grandgirls.

And trying to get back on track with my exercise program. Doesn't really take a lot to get me off track, but important thing is I'm back now and my doc should be quite happy with that when she sees me tomorrow. My exercise instructor had me make up a collage of images designed to motivate me to keep going back to the gym. Felt like being back in kindergarten with my glue pot and poster board. lol It is motivating so glad I did it.

Also got an electronic pedometor today from my instructor which attaches to my running shoe to record my steps at the gym. My instructor suggested that I set my goal for number of steps per day to 4,000. My workout on the treadmill today tabulated at 3, 960 steps. LOL That would be 'close but no cigar'! I'll be bumping up my number of steps per day goal to 5,000.

And Lenten activities...

My knitting has taken a back seat to these other activities lately and I miss it. I'm having a few ladies , my dd, dil, and a friend, over for a stitch & bitch one evening this week (thus the decluttering ;) and though they are all crochet-ers, I, the lone knitter, it will be great to get back to my needles.


  1. Good for you for pushing yourslf. I just ordered a pedometer also. Heh, heh, we will be able to compare mileage....

  2. I'm sure you'll step circles around me, but you're on! ;) lol