May 1, 2009

Problem with flickr

I added the flickr box to my blog to display my flickr photos. I notice that my flickr photos do not display properly and clicking on the photos in the box does not zoom them. On my flickr account I can only look at my photos in a 'slideshow' and they do not show as individual photos in a 'photostream'. So, sorry my photos aren't available for you all to see just yet... I am still working on it. I'm a bit flustered with this now so I'll come back to it later. ; ) Maybe having opted to look at my photos in the slideshow mode commits them to the slideshow in perpetuity. Haven't found how to get back to the photostream. Yet. ;) Or maybe I neglected to visit/use my flickr account for too long a period of time and that affected the use of my photos? My content is still there so should be accessible in photostream... later.

Cheers! : )


  1. I have no problem viewing you flickr. PS I just added you as a flickr friend :)

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know! And for adding me as a flickr friend. :)

  3. Strange, Margaret, when I click on your Flickr, it takes me to my Flickr. Is that your spinning wheel popping up? Are you spinning?

  4. It's the Schacht Ladybug that I've been looking at. It's portable and apparently a good wheel for beginners. I also like the Louet and Lendrum brands of spinning wheels too. And there is the pocket wheel that interests me. Just looking for now, but spinning is definitely in my future.