May 5, 2009

Word Clouds

Interesting webpage called WORDLE.

Allows you to type in a series of related or unrelated words and transforms them into a 'word cloud', or world clusters, which appear poster like. You have the choice of font, colour, layout (horizontal, vertical, half vertical/half horizontal, etc.). Or you can select 'randonmize' and a scheme of font, colour and layout appears. Continue to click on 'randomize' until you find a combination that suits you. To enlarge or emphasize some words type them in multiple times. The more times a word is typed the larger it will appear in the word cloud.

Was fun to play with and try out. Now I need to figure out how to transfer my word cloud to my blog. I would like to use it as part of my heading. The only way to locate on blog so far is to copy the code into a suitable gadget where it will appear in the side column. I've added a few examples of my Knitting Word Clouds. The result of clicking to enlarge the word cloud brings one to the Wordle webpage.

1 comment:

  1. How fun! I have seen this used & was wondering how it was done...have to play with that! Thanks for sharing!